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Our Shake This Bar

The best part of working out is the relaxing moments afterwards when you have a chance to enjoy a few minutes of the day just for yourself. Our Shake This Sports Bar provides every member an opportunity to sit and decompress before your workout or take that much needed break before heading home or back to work.

  • Shake This Offers: 26 different shake combinations for energy, losing weight, gaining mass and muscle or just a simple low calorie snack or meal replacement.
  • There are two televisions at the Shake This bar featuring all sporting events as well as the major news channels. During any major sporting event the Shake This Sports Bar is the place to be to watch your favorite sport.
  • We also offer coffee and specialty snacks as part of our service.
  • You also have the opportunity to open a credit account with the club so you can enjoy or take advantage of all of the club’s services without the hassle of carrying cash to the gym.
  • In addition to our regular Shake This offerings, we also carry meal replacement bars and other nutritional products.

The bar is open during all regular club hours. Be sure and look for announcements concerning special events at the bar including Happy Hours, sports parties and music nights.

See you at Shake This


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